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Episode 82 - Simon Williams

Why would you want to drive across a minefield? Today’s guest did and no wonder he got into some serious trouble but why did he do it? Why did he end up in prison back in the UK? Why did he write a book about his life and what is Kairos? How easy or difficult is it to get a job once released from prison? What is it like to become a Christian when in Prison and what is the prison ministry he is involved with now? Simon is very open and honest yet shares in a really down to earth manner. A Second Chance is available at all good Christian bookshops and on-line Hello to Major James Bellamy

Episode 81 - Goff Hope

In this very open and honest conversation, Goff shares why he moved to Norwich over 30 years ago whilst in his dream job of working in Television (BBC and then LWT). Why did he give up this dream job? Would he recommend others to follow their desires? How did Goff cope with seeing his own daughter die of Breast Cancer and he was recovering from Prostate Cancer? Can you blame God? What does this do for your faith? This is not a doom and gloom podcast. There is hope… www.hopewins.org.uk Hello to Sale Of The Century

Episode 80 - Elle Limebear and Jane Kirby

This episode is not just about Elle and Jane’s newly released book Say Goodbye To Anxiety – A 40 day devotional journal to overcome fear and worry. It is available at all good Christian Bookshops and on-line. Why write this book? What is anxiety? Jane and Elle are honest yet share in a down to earth way on what they have been through and why this hardback book can help in saying goodbye to anxiety. Why does Enough Is Enough resound so strongly? Why has encouragement helped when suffering? Elle is a songwriter and worship leader. Did she think she was a fraud being a Christian and having panic attacks? What were their panic attacks like? There’s no shame in asking for help. What piece of professional advice really helped? Jane is the founder and editor of Truth Magazine. What is this publication all about and who is her target audience? What is the Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls ministry? Two amazing women who should to be heard. www.rebelheartsrebelgirls.com Hello to all Chocolate cake bakers

Episode 79 - Joseph Steinberg (Part Two)

It seems to be all the rage whereby TV series are still shown in a weekly episode format but if you go on line (BBC I-Player for instance) you can watch all the episodes in one sitting without having to wait 7 days for part 2 etc.. I decided that doing similar would be the best option for my 2 episodes with Joseph. The feedback has been phenominal. Part Two is for me the main event! For those that haven’t listened to Part Two here it is. For those that have, here’s another chance listen to it again! Part Two is mainly about Joseph’s understanding (theological and personal) on the current Middle Eastern conflict. Joseph also discusses his Christian Hero. Part One is about Joseph’s life , how he became a Christian in a reformed American Jewish family before moving to the UK and becoming an Anglican vicar, plus other topics. Please, please, please tell all your Christian friends about these 2 stand alone episodes as I fully believe they need to be heard ASAP. A brand new episode will be released on 27 April – UK time. www.imjp.org Hello Peter

Episode 78 - Joseph Steinberg (Part One)

For those who listen regularly, you will know that an OGC interview will often go into uncharted waters! During the recording, we had covered so much about Joseph’s life (how he became a Christian in a reformed American Jewish family before moving to the UK and becoming an Anglican vicar) plus other topics and I realised we were running out of my scheduled 1 hour (Part One). I still wanted to discuss the current Middle East situation as he is the CEO of International Mission To Jewish People (an organisation that was formed in the 1800s). Joseph readily agreed to giving me more time and so a 2 part podcast was decided there and then! Both Parts One and Two are stand-alone episodes. Part Two is mainly about his understanding (theological and personal) on the current Middle Eastern conflict. Joseph also discusses his Christian Hero. Please, please, please tell all your Christian friends about these 2 episodes as I fully believe they need to be heard ASAP. I have been involved in Christian Broadcasting for over 30 years and I can honestly say this is the most important interview I have ever done…and I have been privileged to have been involved in a few. Please let us know your thoughts as well and don’t forget to tell your friends. www.imjp.org Hello George Muller

Episode 77 – Iwan Russell-Jones

Iwan used to be a BBC producer based in Cardiff having studied Theology at Oxford University. Prior to this he was in a Christian Rock Band. He later taught at Regent College in Vancouver. In this absorbing episode, Iwan discusses what Liberation Theology is, who The Levellers were and what he would do if I made him the Bishop of Wales! If only I could. The Christian Hero slot has created a new record for length….and after you have heard it, you will want to buy at least one of the two books referenced. I did and what a book it is and I am so pleased we deviated otherwise we would have never known. Why do I ask him if he had seen a mouse? To find out, please listen. Hello Liam and Noel

Episode 76 - Tim Grainger

Tim trained as a barrister but became a solicitor instead and is now the head of employment law for a well known firm of solicitors. Tim is a trustee for Lawyers Christian Fellowship and he shares what he has learned with them which included visits to African countries. Why is injustice such a big motivation in his career? How does his faith play a part in his day job and is being a Christian a hindrance to clients or even the job role? What advice can he give to us regarding employment law? What does grace mean to him? This episode will certainly encourage you especially if you are struggling at work. Hello Lemon 12

Episode 75 – David Hill

You might have seen a bus advertising Try Praying or have read the booklet. David explains more about how and why he set up this venture and the reach it now has to get the message to the non-church goers.

Episode 74 – Why Paul Championed Women But Has Been Misrepresented.

In Episode 59 Jesus And Women In The Gospels with Jeannie Kendall, it was hinted that we should do another podcast but this time base it around Paul’s letters.

Episode 73 – Dave Gregory

Dr. Dave has a background in Physics and Astronomy. He was a researcher at the European Weather Centre and the UK’s Met Office.

Episode 72 – Steve Goddard

Steve is the man behind the Christian Resources Exhibition. What is the CRE and how did he get involved let alone buy it? How did someone who studied Theology end up as an editor for a Christian Magazine?

Episode 71 – Wayne Drain

International worship leader and recording artist Wayne explains what it was like becoming a Christian during the Jesus Movement in the USA 50 years ago.

Episode 70 – Gladys Ganiel

How did an athlete from Maine, USA run in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games for Northern Ireland? What is a gutty? What are supershoes?

Episode 69 – Andrew Whitman

Author and Pastor since his university days in the 70’s, Andrew discusses his new book When Jesus Met Hippies: The Story And Legacy Of The Jesus People’s Movement In The UK.

Episode 68 – Ian Coffey

This is one of those podcasts where the 5 Interest Getter questions take us on a journey I hadn’t seen forthcoming. Ian is a director of Leadership Training at Moorland’s Bible College and an ordained Baptist minister.

Episode 67 – Christmas Special 2023 with Noel Richards and Martin Scott

Another year over! Martin and Noel re-join me for this special festive podcast with yet another quiz before we tackle some questions that might tax your brain cells! So please sit back, enjoy and listen to some laughter along with some silly facts plus serious statements in which to ponder.

Episode 66 – Martin Fair

Do you need encouraging? Please listen to today’s guest. Martin discusses his church’s operation called Havilah. Why did this simple idea eventually get recognition with A Queen’s Award For Voluntary Services?

Episode 65 – Gareth Littler

Why would the son of a dairy farmer become a scientist only to end up taking on the UK Government and eventually win? Why was there no licensed Christian Broadcasting prior to the 1990s?

Episode 64 – Charlotte Gauthier

Charlotte is a Doctoral Researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London specialising in religious conflicts and Medieval History, including the Crusades which were not about what I had initially thought.

Episode 63 – Chris Brockway

I thought this podcast would be about his new book Turning The Tables On Ecclesiology. It is but it isn’t. It’s also another of those podcasts where we end up on a subject that wasn’t in the script but wow!

Episode 62 – Peter Meadows

I started my career in the UK Christian Media in the 90’s. There are 2 people I would now name that laid the foundations for what we have today.

Episode 61 – Chris Knight

What happened when a Policewoman came to raid his student accommodation? How did an atheist end up becoming a full time Prison Chaplain for 10 years 8 months and 2 days? Why should you put lead in the boot of a certain sports car?

Episode 60 – Jonny Baker

I last interviewed Jonny way back in my radio presenting days around 1998. Jonny was one half of Jonny’s in The Basement and I have often wondered what happened to him since the CD was given airplay.

Episode 59 – Jesus And Women in the Gospels. Let’s Get Beyond The Soundbites

Jeannie Kendall, Minister and Lecturer at Spurgeon’s College, returns for this special stand alone podcast. What do we know about the women Jesus spent time with? What was a woman’s role 2,000 years ago?

Episode 58 – Richard Bromley

Richard is the Missions Director for ICS. What is ICS and what does a Missions Director do? Is it anything to do with NASA?

Episode 57 – Jeannie Kendall

What a lovely lady Jeannie is. She shares her thoughts on previous job roles including being a teacher and rising through the Baptist ranks before becoming a minister herself.

Episode 56 – Paul Vrolijk

Paul,until a few years ago, was the Anglican Archdeacon for North West Europe. His main focus now is Christilience. But what is Christilience and why set up training courses to help you on your ‘journey’?

Episode 55 – Brendan McManus

Brendan had a very successful career in I.T. so why did he end up at a Benedictine Monastery on the Isle of Wight? A love of hiking and pilgrimage emerged and in 1994 Brendan and a friend begged their way across Northern Spain but why?

Episode 54 – Michael Harvey

I thought this interview would be about Michael and his book Unlocking The Growth – You Will Be Amazed At Your Church’s Potential, plus his school’s project God And The Big Bang.

Episode 53 – Bishop Richard Jackson

Wow! Bishop Richard is genuinely funny and the Most Embarrassing Moment feature will have you laughing massively out loud.

Episode 52 – Those 5 Starter Questions and Christian Hero

Because it is the summer holidays, I have decided to take a small break. Normal service to be resumed shortly.

Episode 51 – Martin Dale

Here is a chance to hear my pilot episode recorded over a year ago.

Special 50th Episode – Peter Mockford – PRAYER AND MENTAL HEALTH

Peter has a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and holds full clinical membership of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Episode 49 – Jeremy Bryan aka Quill The Messenger

I thought this podcast would be about Jeremy telling us his delights in all things Hip-Hop as the ‘Rappin’ Chaplain’ and how he looks after those in the Hospice

Episode 48 – Dave Bilbrough

International Worship Leader and Singer/songwriter Dave Bilbrough joins me for a superb chinwag!

Episode 47 – Sam Hailes

Sam discusses what his role is as editor of Premier Christianity magazine.

Episode 46 – Randy Knie

Pastor of Brew City Church, Milwaukee, USA, Randy shares why he has been ridiculed on social media and mostly because of the name which happens to be the city’s nickname.