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The Story Behind Off Grid Christianity.

Off Grid Christianity is a podcast for Christians who feel disconnected from Church…whether they attend one or not!

Off Grid Christianity - Episode 73-
Dave Gregory

Dr. Dave has a background in Physics and Astronomy. He was a researcher at the European Weather Centre and the UK’s Met Office. What does GSTIWG stand for? Why is science now part of Messy Church? What experiments can you do that may or may not go wrong? What is a prayer rocket? Dave makes science sound interesting and from me that is a major compliment! What does the Bible say about science and what does he think of that Darwin theory? Please enjoy and listen to this fascinating podcast. PS God saw that it was good! Hello to Lady Penelope and Andy Partridge

Those 5 Starter Questions and Christian Hero.

This shortened episode features the 5 questions I ask every guest at the start of every podcast. I finish every episode by asking them who their christian hero is. The former BBC NI Political commentator and all round good egg Martina Purdy, turns the table and asks me the questions. Many have asked what my answers would be so here they are!

Meet Your Host

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Martin Purnell

Hosted by Martin Purnell, former ‘Drivetime’ presenter on the UK’s first FM Christian Radio station, ‘Cross Rhythms City’, in Stoke-on-Trent. Martin also pioneered the legendary lunchtime discussion programme ‘The Soapbox’ on national Christian radio station ‘UCB’.

In recent years, Martin took a step back from direct involvement in broadcasting to focus on family life in his adopted home of Northern Ireland. However, throughout that time, the concept behind OGC has been developing on the ‘back burner’ and Access Radio is excited to bring that to fruition, through this regular podcast.

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